The Massachusetts ESE has an excellent area for CSL. To see examples of projects, visit:

CSL resources and examples from the February 2010 Marshall Memo.

Service Learning in Action

“Like adults, students want a significant reason to turn off the alarm clock in the morning, get out of bed, go to work or school, and learn,” says Kathryn Berger Kaye in this Principal Leadership article. The answer to the frequently asked questions, Why am I learning this? and Why am I teaching this?, she says, is well-crafted, well-aligned service-learning experiences. Some examples:
- Humanities and science teachers at High Tech High Media Arts School in San Diego, CA had students conduct sophisticated water testing and develop media campaigns to encourage water protection and conservation.
- AP American History students in Albion, NY dressed in period costumes and led 700 local residents on “ghost tours” of the local cemetery to connect the past with the present and build community knowledge and pride.
- National Service-Learning Clearinghouse:
- Youth Service America:

“Work That Is Real” by Kathryn Berger Kaye in Principal Leadership, February 2010 (Vol. 10, #6, p. 19-23), no e-link available; Kaye is at

8. Making Service Learning Count

“Service learning is a promising practice,” says Shelley Billing in this Principal Leadership article, “but like other instructional practices, it must be done well to produce
positive outcomes.” Here are her suggestions:

- Provide quality service while learning important academic objectives.
- Meet a real community need.
- Gather data on the need before and after service.
- Allocate resources and support, which includes a coordinator, professional development, time, and transportation.
- Provide visible and tenacious adult support throughout the program.

“Five Rules Separate High-Quality Service Learning from Community Service” by Shelley Billing in Principal Leadership, February 2010 (Vol. 10, #6, p. 26-31), no e-link available; the author is available at

9. Service Learning Projects in Oregon

In this Principal Leadership article, service-learning consultant Kate McPherson lists the essential questions that inspired service-learning projects at Riverdale High School in Portland:
- Interfaith communication on Face book: How can Christianity and Islam coexist without violence?
- Resolving peer conflicts: How can relational aggression be identified and alleviated?
- Preventing childhood obesity: What is the biggest contributing factor that citizens have control over to curb the increasing rates of childhood obesity in the United States?
- Green building strategies and water management: How could rainwater harvesting and decorous increase efficiency of water use and management in the Portland Metropolitan area?

“Projects That Launch a Lifetime” by Kate McPherson in Principal Leadership, February 2010 (Vol. 10, #6, p. 52-57), no e-link available